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The COVID-19 has changed our lifestyle. It has become difficult to meet with our friends or to travel. We have fallen into a routine in which our freedoms are restricted. Getting to a museum or gallery is complicated because of lockdowns and other restrictions. Particularly, for art amateurs, it has been heartbreaking since they are being deprived of a hobby that helps them to be happy.


Thus, for the reopening of museums, we offer the opportunity to art critics, curators and artists to live a unique experience with FOCUS.

Each year, a new concept and a new subject:

Exhibitions are not planned according to a standardized model. They are renewed every year, and promote real communication between artists and spectators.


Great artists on display:

Extraordinary exhibitions that offer interesting and original works.


FOCUS ART FAIR will aim to show, share and promote the work of artists from around the world. FOCUS ART FAIR wants to support artists by creating exhibition opportunities. The goal is to allow artists to concentrate on their art works. For this, FOCUS ART FAIR plays the role of intermediary between artists and galleries / collectors. FOCUS ART FAIR organizes exhibitions and presents artists to all audiences.

Each event is an opportunity to showcase the artists works in accordance with the exhibition space that will host it.



Create a space in which the artists will present their original works.


Develop a project with artists, art critics and curators to create a boom in the art world.


Interpret art in another way.


Cultivate Young Artist

Select 3 artists with a production oriented towards the criticism of society. Provide an exhibition space. Write an article. Partially finance the participation of the nominees.

Cultivate Curator

Select a curator after examining the file. Opportunity to set up a scenography on a 15m2 space.

Cultivate Art Critic

Select an article written by a critic at FOCUS PARIS and publish it in the magazine des Beaux-Arts in September 2022.

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