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Los Angeles


Ariana’s debut collection, “Shred of Femininity”, is an homage to the process of making something new out of something that’s broken; to rebuild after destruction. The concept of reworking discarded and damaged beyond-repair pieces to make something beautiful is a remark on the ability she has to remain positive throughout her life. After the unexpected and tragic death of Ariana’s brother, she found herself using artwork to grieve inspired by a present from him, her first-ever skateboard. Some of the broken dishes in her creations were the actual ones used during their meals together. Others are from her Grandma’s China collection, who sadly passed away at the beginning of 2021 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. 


The juxtaposition of broken fragments of ceramics, porcelain, sculptures, fine China, and sweet pastel colors are all carefully placed together, to form a newfound beauty in the broken. We all have parts of us that are broken, missing, or damaged and we all go through life putting the pieces back together to become whole again. This collection is dedicated to his memory and rebuilding their memories together. Ariana splits her time between Paris, refining her art skills for her new collection by attending Ecole Lesage, and Los Angeles, where she was born and raised. As an adult who deals with chronic health issues, she felt it was important to share her passion and joy for creating art with a community that she deeply related to by teaching art to children by volunteering with foundations such as Coach art and Project Sunshine based out of the Children’s Hospitals of Los Angeles.

3_Ariana Slome, sugar, spice, and everything nice(dreams of a girl), 80x24cm, pottery pain
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