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Goyang, Seoul

2_Art in dongsan_LOGO.jpg
Sori Choi, Visible Sound(24 Seasons full set), 120x40cm, percussed and grind on corroded a

In 2018, Art in Dongsan was established in Sogong-dong, Seoul. Art in Dongsan is a catalyst for improving aesthetic and creative thinking and is developing various cultural and artistic contents.


Choi, Sori’s Artist Note

“All objects and energies in this world have their sounds. I want to be a messenger to send such sounds to all of you. I am crushed by such sounds.”

“My work is playing and dancing and singing humming songs. Entering samādhi as a inspired, I will complete it in collaboration with another me.”

“Playing and dancing, singing, writing, painting. This whole act is the same thing to me. The one is sometimes completed with pictures, sometimes with music.”

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