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Asgeir Petursson from Reykjavik, Iceland, has made changing nature one of his subjects. In his photo series "Icescapes" he vividly presents the ever-changing glaciers to the public. In fact, he lived in Greenland for a time and carefully observed the glaciers with the Inuit. "Icescapes" shows the beautiful nature of Greenland, but at the same time, it is a true reminder of what is happening to our planet. 

For his exhibition at Harpa, Reykjavik in 2017, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, Chairman of the Arctic Circle and former President of Iceland commented, "In his magnificent photographs, Ásgeir Pétursson invites us to become observers of the Arctic... The photographs show new rivers and lakes emerging in the vast glacial landscape; in their beauty, they are a call to action, they mark the time before it is too late." Asgeir hopes to use the medium of photography, like an abstract painting, to express questions and messages of universal themes to audiences around the world, and indeed, inspired by glaciological survey maps, he has recently created a series of works called “QGIS”, that will be shown at the fair.

Asgeir Petursson, Sermeq Kujalleq 1, 180 x 270cm, Inkjet print facemounted to acrylic, 2017

Asgeir Petursson, Sermeq Kujalleq 3, 175 x 135cm, Inkjet print facemounted to acrylic, 2017

Asgeir Petursson, Glacier 1-18, 30 x 30cm x 18 pcs, Inkjet print, 2020

Asgeir Petursson, Insufficient funds, 80 x 120cm, Inkjet print, 2019

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