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Chic Evolution in Art is a creatively driven art gallery that showcases emerging talent from around the world. At Chic we combine cutting-edge artwork with sophistication knowing that behind each piece or artwork is the high quality of a passionate artist. The gallery provides provocative ever-changing selections including modern paintings, blown glass,  sculptures, and different mediums. The Owner/Curator Ivan Pitoni and staff will work with you to find the perfect piece(s) to fit into your color scheme, budget, and art direction. Under Ivan’s guidance and expertise, the Chic team helps ensure that each piece will provide your space with the wow factor and perfect touch it deserves.

With a combined total of over 17 years in the business, Ivan assists clients in all aspects of building a fine art collection. By utilizing long-term relationships, and a strong presence in the global art community, Mr. Pitoni is able to help collectors acquire significant works of art from both established and emerging artists. Chic Evolution is the perfect place to discover art from the world. Our carefully curated collection includes unique pieces that are sure to catch your eye. Our experts understand the language of art and can help you find what you’re looking for. Here at Chic Evolution, we are passionate about art and believe that everyone should have the chance to experience it.

3_Katharina Arndt, Overground, 37.4x15.8cm, acrylic on canvas, 2022 (1).jpg
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