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ye eun hwang

황예은 프로필.jpeg

2021 Happy birthday to me Gallery Reuben solo exhibition, Seoul, Korea

2020 Red Night Gallery H. Art Bridge Solo Exhibition, Seoul, Korea

2020 Solo Exhibition at Seowoo Gallery, The Road I Walked on My Feet, Seoul, Korea

2020 1st Korean Art Poetry Competition Winners Group Exhibition Gallery Arisu, Seoul, Korea

2020 Adam & Eve Group Exhibition Seowoo Gallery, Seoul, Korea

red chestnut

I hand you a red chestnut

Bring out the hidden sounds

Embrace hopeless hope

If the night turns to day

let me go without regrets

let me go without love


(The Red Night series has the meaning of ‘sending’. Daily life and greed, nostalgic past or ties, and many things that we couldn’t let go of. I want to send you things.)

황예은, 꽃말, 34.8x27.3cm, 장지에 분채, 2020.jpg
황예은, 기억해주오, 116.8x50.0cm, 장지에 분채, 2020.jpg
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