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ale moreno

Ale Moreno.jpg

Alejandro Moreno Dupuy, a self-taught visual artist, began painting at the age of 16 in Santiago, Chile. For more than 25 years, he developed his backstage technique. And his thematic axes embrace a mix of pop art with urban and contemporary style. His work transports us to where the vibrancy of his tones activate the sensory carnival that his colors unleash.


His first strokes were devoted to reflecting colors, fonts, emblems and phrases in different 

textiles and clothing. A couple of years later, his love for the visual arts led him to the 

practice of screen printing. That is where he found his first affection for the cheerful tones of the pop art style. His work essentially focuses on portraying and transferring significant or popular 

characters from history with strong and powerful colors. In his work, it is very common to find a wide range of neon/fluorescent mixed with pastel colors.

Lady in Purple 80cm X 70cm.jpg
El duo de la historia 40cm X 40cm.jpg
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