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The story of FOCUS NEW YORK begins on May 18th!


“The thought of encountering
Earthlings filled us with mixed feelings of tension and anticipation,”
she said excitedly. My heart started pounding.


“We found something we didn’t expect. The walls of the quarters were covered with paintings. With artwork! It was both the Earthling’s quarters and an art gallery. It’s amazing how they could appreciate art while trying to survive.” I was a little surprised that she discovered artwork instead of Earthlings, but it was an interesting story.

“A long time ago, Earth was inhabited by prehistoric Earthlings. They used to stare at the cave paintings and make wishes. It turns out that Earthlings fac- ing the end of the world were doing the same thing. Isn’t that interesting, honey? Have you ever heard about the art world of Earthlings?”

I rolled my eyes and pondered. All I know about Earthling art is that they had an artistic sense that would allow them to shoot a drawing of two naked dudes waving and boringly repetitive noises into space and consider them art. But I didn’t think that was the answer she was after, so I kept my reply casual.

“Just a little bit from the textbooks.”
She nodded, and then, as if she were looking straight at the paintings, she continued to describe them with overflowing passion.
(...)“In short, the last surviving Earthlings were living in the biodome, admiring a small art exhibition in a corridor. It makes sense why the paintings, which had nothing to do with survival, would be in their quarters. I suppose art has a calming effect on the mind, and in times of desperation, we crave that peace.”


translated by Sarah Armstrong

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