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In every painting, there is a piece of Adel! She was starting it off like this because each of her paintings has a spiritual connection and not only a chemical one. Her goal is to transform energy and emotions into pieces of art like a movie scene that she continues to think about and study until she finishes just like a movie. It is not only the colors that make her pictures attractive but also the techniques she uses: body, mind, and energy. She has worked for 10 years on normal paintings with pencil and paper but for the past 5 years, she has been happy that her art is dedicated to senses and parts of the human body to make a painting that includes her in the lines of colour and the elegance on the canvas. Artists give people something they didn’t know they were missing. Her paintings are taken by the prime minister - former prime minister, deputy and artist, singer, and actor in Albania.

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Adela Osmani, Aura, 70 x 40cm x 2pcs, Watercolors mixed with oil (Created from energy and hands), 2022
Adela Osmani, Depth, 70 x 40cm, Water colors mixed with oil (Created from energy and hands), 2022
Adela Osmani, Expressive Eye, 90 x 90cm, Water colors mixed with oil(Created from energy and hands), 2022
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