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Amarildo Ruçi (AL)


Amarildo Ruçi was born in Tirana, Albania on 26.07.1993. He studied painting for 10 years and after a period of time, he began to paint with his hands, a technique that is closely related to his involvement with his artwork where the final result is amazing and very impressive to watch during a live performance. Throughout his career, he has won many International and national awards. Amarildo has made 10 personal exhibitions and many other collective exhibitions all around the world where can mention including Paris, Milano, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Turkey, etc. His art has a close connection between mind and soul. It is a contemporary surrealism in which the play of symbols can be observed in his work. The female figure is usually present in his work. She is the muse of creativity And it is closely related to love and passion for life. Even though his artworks are inspired by his life, they create another universal impact where everyone can find themselves into it.

Amarildo Ruçi, Dies Irae, 90x110cm, acrylic and oil on canvas, 2023.jpg
Amarildo Ruçi, Transition, 80x100cm, acrylic and oil on canvas, 2023
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