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IHAM Gallery is Europe's first-ever NFTs & crypto art gallery located in Paris, France. IHAM hosted its very first NFT exhibition in June of 2021, and various shows centered around crypto art are held here today. HAM has been inviting & hosting the art of crypto artists worldwide, doing its part in pushing crypto art over into the realm of the masses. We aim to get crypto art accepted as part of art history and believe curated solo/group exhibitions will help achieve that sought-after goal. IHAM Gallery exhibitions consist entirely of digital art. Supported by MuseFrame screens. Available for purchase on-site (

Clare Maguire, Joy Unknown Dress, 2023

ARTJEDI1, Say A Prayer TAPESTRY, 2022

3. Asam, Security, 2023.png

Asam, Security, 2023

Ishika Guha, Hey Paranoia, 2023

LeoCrane, Masterpiece of Tamagata, 2023

Vittorio Bonapace, A.D.2000 Crucifixion, 2022

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