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Bamforth is a British artist who has been championing nature and examining its relationship with human trends since 1989. Working across all mediums he touches on an immense breadth of subjects relevant to our world, presenting serious issues in playful and jovial ways.

Exhibited: Victoria & Albert Museum, ICA London, Venice Biennale, British Council, Platform China Beijing, Medan Mara Kuala Lumpur, Tent London, London Design Festival, Fifth Third Bank USA, Shunt London, Times Square NY. I explore relationships between the natural world and socio-economic systems.

Evolved from Conceptual art, Land art and Arte Povera, my work straddles sound, image and sculpture in order to probe social trends, humankind's actions and its effects. With Gustav Metzger as a neighbour my idea of embodying art for social good and exploring crucial world issues was cemented. I believe this social force must be for the people. Concept, process and site of the work are important to me, as are my repeated use of burnt, decaying or growing matter.
Material and physical change during each of my work's life reflects the natural life-cycle and reminds us of the possibility of change. Flexibility of medium and innovation are critical.
Projects vary enormously; from Local Whispers 2 where myself and Sui Jianguo removed all artwork from the gallery to leave only audio discussions of the work that had been removed, to Evolution
Synthetica's real-time AI vs human sound and image making for the V&A, combining algorithms and data from live organisms to describe evolutionary processes.

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