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I am a self-taught artist for almost twenty years. I am also an art lover: I amvparticularly touched by portraits of women. I love and enjoy life: relationships, seduction, good food etc... It’s about physical pleasure as well as moral well-being. I live good moments with a high intensity. I am also a dreamer. I believe in lucky charms and guardian angels. According to me « caring » is the most important value and the best quality in life. I get inspiration in every little piece of life and I try to convey through my painting the most intense, positive and sweet emotions that I feel. I like wide format canvas.

My style is to be as sincere as possible and to match my best emotions:
-my drawings are limited to what is strictly necessary: they are quite ingenuous, with
few shadows. The drawings are the hanger of my colors. To prepare my work I take
pictures of my friends and if no one is available, I ask my daughter to take pictures
of me.
- then I have fun with colors.
I paint as I cook: I listen to my feelings, I try my best to balance colors, I taste with
my eyes, then I season and work until I appreciate the result.

The pattern of heart_50 x 50.jpg
Loved by you_80 x 80.jpg
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