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In 2019, she was praised for her paintings when it was just a hobby, and she decided to become a professional painter since then.
Because the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 she abandoned gallery and changed to freelance and expanded activity bases around the world centering on Tokyo, London and South Korea. In 2021, Dubai and Singapore in 2022, in 2023 Exhibitions in New York and other countries have also been decided.

For me, abstract painting is by moving away from the object I envision, make people feel.
Also, since I was a child, I felt familiar with paintings, and I used to copy insects, flowers, water droplets, etc. When I was a teenager, I had an illness and had been hospitalized for a long time,
and from that time on, I haven’t been just coping the objects,
I started to draw emotions, and at that time I could find the meaning of life by drawing pictures.
I was so happy that my paintings were appreciated by many people, and I decided to become a professional painter instead of ending up with a hobby. Self-taught, I studied various techniques and to express the beauty of nature and human emotions in my works.
Through my work, I want to be a professional in silent emotional expression, study a wide range of psychology to know myself, and also work as an art therapist.
I feel that psychology and art are very deeply connected.

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