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Brigitte Parmentier studied in the art school of Calais, where she learned the techniques of sculpture, transparency, watercolor and ink. During her studies she also learned the importance of the use of colour and the basis of modern art history.

She is actively engaged in art promotion and has co-organised many cultural events in her home town in France between the successive lockdowns in the last two years. She has exhibited her artworks in different galleries such as the Abbey of Belval in Troisvaux, Mini Art Studio in Calais and has also participated in several group exhibitions.

Cellular acrylic is a specific technique which involves adding acrylic paint to different mediums that have been heated with a blowtorch. Once dry, this paint and these mediums are worked onto a surface in order to create the artwork.

The result differs depending on various factors, such as the quantity of additives added, the fluidity of the medium resulting from this association and the duration of the heating process. This technique leaves a lot of room for the spontaneity of the chemical reaction. Therefore, one can say that in this process the artist and the medium have to adapt to one another, they interact and work with each other and also control each other.

Once the artwork is dry, Brigitte likes to rework the piece. She usually adds paint or pastel, and she also incorporates objects such as pearls, gold leaves, and 3D mediums. Through this, the cellular acrylic allows Brigitte to create artworks that are both figurative and abstract.

The artistic identity that Brigitte promotes is an expression of intuitive art where the spectator is encouraged to look for an emotion within her paintings. All her artworks are an appeal for a moment captured for contemplation.

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