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Carmen Lindahl is a Swedish-Spanish artist based in Southern France. She received her early schooling in Luxemburg and has since studied watercolour, ink, printmaking and sculpture.

Colour and depth are Carmen’s forte, and her naturalistic oil painting style amplifies them further. She has participated in group and solo shows in France, Sweden, Italy, Greece and Spain. She is represented in private, public and corporate collections and as an award-winning artist has been chosen for several jury-selected exhibitions.

For her new series of paintings, Exotic Garden, she found her inspiration in David Hockney’s recent English landscape paintings in their colours and artistic message. Since moving from Stockholm to the south of France four years ago, the flora of the Mediterranean became her
main motif. The light and explosive vegetation there is magnificent. Carmen has since then visited many gardens and spent time up in the mountains, taking photos of sights she wishes to interpret in paint. Carmen then processes them on her computer. The ensuing paintings are impressionistic in style, produced using a palette knife and oil paint on paper, which are then mounted onto canvas. Finally, Carmen covers the canvases with resin.

Together, the paintings constitute variations around one united motif, reflecting her travels through the essence of exotic flora.

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