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Ching-Jung CHEN

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Professor Chen Ching-Jun is an 80 years old taiwanese contemporary artist. His experience of fifty years in the art world fueled a passion and an unequaled te- nacity for art. His artworks are intimately connected with his life experience.

His artworks show the feelings of calmness and solitude. His style is re- fined, not only because he harmonizes the classical tones, but also because his work surpasses the images and the sym- bols. All of these elements combine to create a unique creative style. Through his paintings, he finds a way to commu- nicate with us and comfort us.

The classical tones bring strength to the artist’s works. The spectator has to see beyond the realism and surrealism of his works. The characters appearing in these paintings transmit an ideological message, and represent a sense of fra- gility.

He was born in 1934 in Changhua and he studied Fine Arts in the National Normal University in 1952. He went to Japan from 1960 to 1967, furthering his studies. There, he graduated from the Musashino university and the University of Tokyo.

He has also received multiple awards such as the Goblet Golden award of the Chinese Artists association, and the Wu San-Lien award. He participates in many big events and art fairs around the world such as the Autumn Fair and the French Artists Fair.

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