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Clare is an interdisciplinary artist, weaver and curator. She has an MA in Fine Art from the City and Guilds of London Art School and has exhibited work across the UK and internationally. She made a career change in 2014 after an inspirational trip to Antarctica and has since returned as a resident artist. Before this, she worked for 15 years in climate change advocacy. She is currently running a programme with the environmental charity Sustainability First and artists, writers and activists in the leadup to the UN International Climate Change Conference. She also runs creative workshops in schools with scientists as part of the award-winning SunSpaceArt project to inspire young people to think about space and their place in the universe.

Clare’s work captures the subjective experience of relationships with colour and shape. She traces fleeting thoughts, feelings and emotions to create abstract landscapes, reflecting the unexpectedness of encounters with nature. The fragmented forms reveal memories and tender observations of rippling water, rock formations, tree barks and the body. Weaving to Clare is a meditative process, just like taking a walk with threads. She allows the works to build incrementally, allowing accidents to redirect the pattern. She mixes many fine yarns to create soft transitions and vibrant contrasts - like splashes of paint - made of many tiny moments.

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