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Clea Lugardon KLA

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Cléa Lugardon, aka KLA, is currently enjoying the northem French sun in Lille.
Since her childhood, she paints, creates, assembles. Over the years, her path draws itself. She experiments with techniques and tools, faithful to acrylic, but tries her hand at oil painting, modeling paste, gold leaf and the combination of materials (wood and leaves).
Kla stands out with her particularly colorful style where contrast is the key word.

Clea Lugardon- KLA is a versatile artist who shows her creative world through two main themes: animals and women. KLA's works are strong in their colors, contrasting often with black and white backgrounds, with touching subjects. Her interest in ecology is distinguished in her works by the choice of particular animals and expressive titles. She loves including photography for the base of her canvases. Urbex is the recurring theme of her film, illustrating her sensitivity to the vegetation which takes over when human disappears. Her attention to today's society and all the facts that characterize it, pushed her to stand out, giving a voice to her artistic creations. The female portraits and nudes show KLA's interest in the cause of ending violence against women. The artist's attention to representing this kind of subjects and scenes, is visible through the way in which she delimits the bodies, with just a simple line which highlights, and which perfectly defines her essence. The play of colors tries to encourage people to stop and consider the female body differently and poetically. Her painting scan be seen as scenes that connect people to achieve a positive conception of freedom.

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