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Ayano (Kumiko Tsunashima).JPG

I am a Russian artist named Costa Gorelov, based in Moscow. I was born on June 5, 1993 in Moscow. I received my formal education from the Moscow Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting in Film Directing (Cinema). I work as an artist, director, TV production designer, and fashion stylist.

The character can be best described as sparkling, unshakable, unchanging, honest,
sexy, vulnerable, inaccessible, baroque, pure, lurking, conjuring, initiating a secret,
gentle vampire or Chinatown drag-queen, a pathetic and funny native of the Middle
Ages, trying to hide behind the modern creations of the luxury segment and protected by them from the evil eye or his own memories. He is Mary Magdalene or Saint
Sebastian, suffering and giving peace. An earthly angel, attracting the viewers with his perfect and sexy look, nevertheless being untouchable for those that keep his wings in a Birkin Bag. This is what I have in mind when creating the image of my character.

The pattern of heart_50 x 50.jpg
Loved by you_80 x 80.jpg
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