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Ellen Sheidlin is a 26-year-old conceptual artist who lives in Saint Petersburg. Scheidlin lives between real life and her life on the internet, creating her own virtual gallery on Instagram with 4.7 million viewers; her page is called: @ sheidlina. She is self-taught in photography, video, sculpture and painting.

Sheidlin’s style can be described as survitalism - combining dreams, reality and virtuality. A specificity of her work is that it is inextricably linked with performance. Performance in photography is a real immersion in a material idea; each photograph is embodied in reality. The scene draws in the passer by, immersing them in the pool of the artist’s world/mind.

Sheidlin’s performative paintings involve her also using parts of her body on the canvas. For instance, she kissed a picture so that the print absorbed the paint on her lips and signed with some of her hair, laying out letters.

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