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My name is Fabrice Espiard, I was born in Valence (France) on 07/27/1976
I have always been fascinated by art in general and painting in particular, I appreciate the figurative but
the abstract conveys me more emotions, without ever having had the "calm" necessary to arrive
to transmit my emotions in my turn through this medium. Now at past forty, it is to me
easier to convey these emotions or let's say I have more peace of mind doing so.
My career, both professional and private, ended up giving me this bizarre and tenacious impression.
to have had several lives insatiably seeking personal fulfillment, which is something
made today with art, painting in particular which allows me to feel "in my place",
in my "element", in the sense that I have no conflict between what I do and what makes me
feel good.
I would like to be able to develop more technical skills so that I can more "easily" and "faithfully"
transcribe more accurately and precisely what I want. I would like to switch from acrylic to
oil, which seems to me more suitable for different production ... while maintaining
acrylic ... can also be larger media because I'm not very comfortable with small ones
formats, I don't need more space to express myself ...
I like dark colors and very bright ones, very saturated and desaturated tones, playing
with shapes (often geometric) and contrasts in order to provoke a "reflection" in
My productions are not particularly heterogeneous, it is not necessarily my
goal ... I operate on emotion, desire, the feeling of the moment, a canvas is a bit of a "world"
on its own and at a time “T”. The "style" is often variable, like the emotions ... but also
cyclically, the "styles" return in turn according to the needs of the moment.
My artistic approach wants to represent our individual and collective dualities which often lead
to a complementarity but rarely to a balance.
The versatility of our feelings and emotions, their evolution and their inconstancy that push us
frequently to completely paradoxical behaviors.
The ambiguity of our emotional differences between our individuality and our behavior
The relative global balance of life in the punctual imbalance of emotions.
The frequent mismatch of our dreams and actions.
The paradox of individual oppositions and inequalities which ultimately lead to a form
of collective unity for once again the best or the worst depending on the nature of the feelings and
emotions that drive us.
Color is for me the best medium for the expression of emotions that can pass through the visual,
some comparing them to musical notes which seems fair enough to me.
I try to transcribe these ambivalences, these oppositions through painting, its colors and its games of
contrasts, of lights, of darkness, its complementarities and its oppositions in order to propose
like a mirror to my feelings and emotions according to the different temporalities of life.

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