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Geonwoo LEE

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Born in Seoul, GEONWOO LEE began his career as a woodworking artist, and is now expanding his practice by expressing his art with a variety of materials, including flat paintings and media facades.

The characteristics of GEONWOOLE's work represent the complexity of one's inner self in simple form, and the artificial form in natural patterns through irregular iterations.

The artist remarks: "It is the most perfect and beautiful when expressed in one form, natural and artificial thing, incomplete and complete, and contrasting things such as regular arrangements and irregular stacking."

GEONWOOLEE's describes his works as a puzzle which exists inside the creator.

'Baram' of 'The Baram Series' means 'wind' in the artist’s native language. Therefore this title alludes to the rough winds of everyday life. The artist expresses the wind in many colors as well as in simple two-dimensional forms,
He seeks to soothe storms and convert adversities into fortunate events.

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