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Georgiana MADALINA

Ayano (Kumiko Tsunashima).JPG

I am a 24 years Romanian artist based in Brussels. My real name is Georgiana but my nickname
is Posto, so I chose it as my artist name.

My work it's in acrylics on mixed media canvas.

All of my life I thought that I am not talented but as a matter of fact, it took 24 years to realize the

I've always loved art, of any type.
It all started in this pandemic, when I have found myself alone, just me and my cat and every
little thing that I had in my life.
My father died, the atmosphere at work was not as it used to, I was not feeling myself and the
only way I would express my feelings were by painting, and I think that this therapy could’ve
work for me from a long time ago but I just think, I wasn’t ready.
When I paint it's just me and the canvas. Every single time I don't have an idea about the final
result but as soon as I start, it's all coming out. I am not interested in painting portaits or any
statement art because I trully believe that art it is not just about beautiful faces.

I think that we can express our vision even in asexual paintings, in abstract ways. I like to express
feelings, emotions and the most important, a STATE OF MIND.

I like to give expression to the eyes, because they are the key to our soul, and if I could remember
just one thing about my father, it would be his eyes. He had the most beautiful, big brown eyes of
the entire world.

Sometimes, I would just start a painting and at some point, I will just stop working on that peace
because I don’t “feel it” anymore. And in a few days, I will take the painting and finish it.

Sometimes, like I said, it can take me days to finish a peace or just a few hours.

Through my paintings, I like to express LOVE, PEACE, SILENCE, ANGER and every other
emotion that a human being can have.

Every painting has a story to me, but the thing that I like the most of my paintings it’s that
everyone sees something else, something different, that they can imagine the story behind my
painting, and that’s just awesome.

Let's not neglegt our feelings and just make ART.

The pattern of heart_50 x 50.jpg
Loved by you_80 x 80.jpg
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