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Hanyoung KIM

Ayano (Kumiko Tsunashima).JPG

The human mind has been constantly evolving to understand and create things. It is very important to show the ability to capture what it takes to observe such an attribute, and to imagine what the process is to be realized as an important factor, and to work with reality, consciously, and with some experience. His own case begins with the constantly identifying and describing the process by introducing the organic relationship of each cell to the organisms observed in nature in a continuous stream of time.

This process does not want to momentarily empathize and resolve impulsively. Sometimes he understand and embrace the experience of the entire screen rather than the reality, but he recognize this moment as an instant gesture, and thousands of essential and metaphysical puzzles of composition move with applying the mark and slowly absorbed and memorized We expect to be made into shape.

His work seems to be a simple gradient of color, facing the energy of a suspended earth when I see it at a certain distance. But as it approaches, it becomes a coherent and shaped piece that forms itself and melts itself. As you move your gaze again, the irregular and innumerable points reveal that you are three-dimensional, pointing to the next color and moving continuously to form a layer. Each layer creates a layer of hue, and the softness felt at a long distance is reversed by the tactile reality that is close at hand. The portion that could be passed on to a simple visual variation is deepened with considerable complexity, creating a balance between gradation of the hue and the layer felt on the actual surface.

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Loved by you_80 x 80.jpg
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