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“Heoyu” is the name the artist has chosen for herself. But “Heoyu” is more than a name. It takes on the role of a symbol and is thus representative of her thoughts as a whole.

虛, 有 / empty but present    

It seems to be empty but yet there is something. Emptiness doesn’t mean the void. It just looks as if there is nothing.

虛 → 有 / to exist by means of the emptiness      

Only in the state of emptiness can things exist. Nothing can be present without knowing this previous state. As we have known this empty state, we can appreciate how it changes due to the appearance of an object.

虛 = 有 / emptiness is another form of existence. 


As such, we can perceive the void in the same way that we can perceive the coming into existence of something. This realisation has made me observe the void in different ways. Perhaps the world exists only in an/the empty state.

The artist has not made any plans since she gave herself the name “Heoyu”. As she cannot anticipate the apparitions, plans do not seem that useful. She only observes the apparitions and synthesises them in an attempt to find commonality.

It has been said that philosophers continue to seek knowledge until they no longer understand it. This is similar to the situation of the artist. They attempt to answer their own questions and struggle to find the answer. Their work is the result of this struggle. Eventually, they realise that Art cannot be defined. This is why they never stop painting, drawing, writing, singing, dancing... Likewise, “Heoyu” as an artist maintains the same pattern, continuing to pursue these activities.

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