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Hikaru Uemura obtained a Master degree in Painting at the Kyoto Seika Graduate School of Fine Arts in 2017.
In addition to being a painter, she also teaches Art twice a week in junior high school.

Uemura creates Japanese style paintings with nature as the motif.
Born and raised in a port city with a mountainous background surrounded by a sea of greenery, the artist likes to listen to ripples as well as watch light being reflected on the surface of tinkling water.
Furthermore, Uemura is also a fan of walking in the mountains, listening to the sounds of the trees swaying in the wind.

There are many wisteria trees in the local mountains; she is particularly interested in the twisted appearance of the vines as they allow her to feel the passage of time as they intertwine and intersect with each other.

Uemura does not find joy in copying nature frame for frame, but tries to express the impressions and feelings she feels when touched by those scenes that inspire her. She hopes you can also experience the beauty of nature through her paintings.

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