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Hiro is a young Japanese artist who graduated from Musashino Art University in the Graphic Design Department. In 2017, she obtained a specific qualification for pastel drawing. Since 2018 she has become an honorary member of the Royal Society of British Artists, as well as the Japanese Society for International Artists.

“The endless sky, and clouds.
The color and shape of the clouds are changing as the seasons and time of the day change.
When I'm looking at the clouds I calm down.
And when you look at the reflection of this sight on the water's surface such as a lake, sea or river, you can see the different colors and forms. I create unique colors by layering the paint multiple times. Therefore my works show the soft gradation of oil paint or pastel.

The world is a connected sky and sea.
Thinking about your home or loved ones
When you look at the painting, you travel to that place; you absorb the peaceful atmosphere and feel the pleasure it brings. Furthermore, I want you to experience the energy of life.
And through my paintings I want you to look into your inner world and spend some time with

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Loved by you_80 x 80.jpg
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