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Hyeyoung Eva LEE

Ayano (Kumiko Tsunashima).JPG

As a Busan artist, Hyeyoung Eva Lee has exhibited thirty times in France, South Korea and the U.K. With her own colours, she talks about the different stories of our lives through nature.

During their life, every human accumulates knowledge, experience or memories. Lee uses hemp clothes on her canvases as a symbol of death. She is the wool and the threads. The process of overlaying burlap (material for a shroud) on the canvas is a symbol of death. Rubbing and wetting paint on the intersection of the weft and warp threads of the hemp, signifies the bonds we encounter in life. Shapes created by those relationships are inherent in the people. Those shapes are represented by a faint form in the layers and disappear at the same time as we die.

The artist's desire and her approach to life in a positive way, is projected through the work of imagining the colourful stories placed in front of the premise of death with paints placed on burlap.
For Lee, the tree represents her deceased mother. It is as if the human being is returning back to Nature.

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