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Hyojeong SONG

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Born in 1991 in Gunpo-Si, a suburb of Seoul, Song Hyojeong studied Interior Design and was the visual salesperson for an industrial store in South Korea. In 2015, she came to France with the aim of becoming an artist. She started art in Aix en Provence and Dunkirk. Since then, she has lived and worked between Paris and Geneva.

Her practice focuses on the links between space design and the visual arts, from which she acquired skills in part thanks to the master's degree in "Space and Communication" which she completed in Geneva. Her journey as an interior designer and art restorer has further influenced her artistic practice.
Hyojeong Seong is a versatile artist making photographs, but also installations influenced by nature and her roots.

Her technique mixes technology and design, establishing a balance between a technical and artistic vision of the work. One is reason, and the other is feeling.
Thanks to her origins and her Korean rationality on the one hand, and to the emotional aspects acquired during her artistic education and her life in France on the other hand, she tries to achieve a symbiosis between rational design in space and sensitivity of art.

Recognizing emotions, and knowing the culture and language are important elements for Hyojeong Song. Each word, homonym, has a wealth of meaning but also an important duality. All this helps to understand the ambivalence and paradoxes of human beings, their emotions and their behaviour in society.

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