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Hyun-ah KIM

Ayano (Kumiko Tsunashima).JPG

My works bring together several houses to make a single village. It’s not about simple houses, it’s about you, me, all of us. Just as a set of points forms a line, and a set of lines forms a surface, a set of windows, bricks, stone walls and roofs form a house, and a set of houses, roads , stairs form a single village. My works are born from this combination of multiple elements. We all have difficult times. We must then close our eyes for a moment and rethink happy memories. These fragments of happy memories, which vaguely come back to us in certain strangely familiar landscapes, allow us to breathe for a moment away from the frantic pace of our life: they give us courage and comfort.

The pattern of heart_50 x 50.jpg
Loved by you_80 x 80.jpg
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