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Hyungjin PARK

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When Hyungjin Park was about to graduate in fine art in Suwon University, he imagined the idea of his whole work. His works’ concept was influenced by Kandinsky’s book intitled “Point and Line to Plane” in which the author assures that “Nothing has corners” and by Korean shamanism’s Jinogwi gut. ;
(A gut is a rite performed by Korean shamans involving offerings and sacrifices to gods, spirits and ancestors. There is a plethora of gut. The Jinogwi gut is a specific rite for the dead.)

From this, Park constituted his concept under the idea of “Everything is linked”.
In 2011, he introduced his works under the aforesaid concept in New York. He was highly praised thanks to his unprecedented works. Hyungjin Park's recent works are produced under the concept ‘ Everything is connected” which he has been using since 1996. In the early days, he used to paint on a wood board. Then, he turned over that same board. And, he drew tight lines in an empty canvas. He unintentionally filled the canvas with lines. If you observe this canvas full of lines for a while, you come to realise that the same lines are crossing each other. If you saw an elephant shape, you cut it out, you turn it over again and becomes the picture first drawn: an elephant picture. He piles up his images and creates new stories.

Park applied the same concept of his initial works on his mid-career's works. He strews threads over the canvas. Those threads are incidentally crossing each other. Then, he discovers a shape that pops up in his mind. That’s how he creates his works. The reason he lays the canvas here by strewing the threads in the air is in order to show the free line. If he draws a line with his hand, his physical limits and fixed mind will become an obstacle to this free line. So, I came to sprinkle threads.

Now, his works are not about strewing threads on the canvas and seeing lines cross each other, it is about the signal that his universe is sending to him. This signal is the appearance of lines. In other words, he works with the idea his body is the tool that represents the signal of the universe.

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