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In 2014, Iyamari graduated with a Masters degree at the Tama Art University in Traditional Japanese Painting. Between 2018 and 2019, he exhibited in London and Devon in the United Kingdom and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Iyamari is a Japanese contemporary artist working from Amsterdam, London, and Tokyo with a thriving career since 2008.

Iyamari was born into a family with a long-standing tradition in crafts and handiwork. The main themes explored within Iyamari’s art are 'Time and Perception', with a focus on creating a discernible model of “a moment", to try to point out, and reach beyond, the boundaries of the limited human cognisance, expanding and complementing it.

For those reasons, certain materials play an important role in Iyamari's artworks as mediums of time-visualisation, especially trees and stones.
Almost all of the materials are of natural origin and are typically framed in recycled vintage/traditional daily items. The featured print works are hand-printed using Sumi ink, which is not harmful to living trees. Iyamari is the founder and director of the world-wide collaborative art project the Telescore project.

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