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Jean François ESCANDE

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... From the origin of geometry (Michel Serres) to Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones) - Jean François Escande, born in 1962 in Agen Lot-et-Garonne, is a self-taught visual artist and architect from Bordeaux. Premonitory confluence. The and conjunctive is attached to its existence as to that of the series presented in India ink and charcoal. To both, geometry - elementary or flexible, augmented or diminished - is consubstantial. His work is black (exclusive) over the brush (sometimes) and time (always). The erratic, universal and secret black. The black of controversies, oppositions and secular nuances. Anthropological. Black on white it depends. Invariance goes well with diversity: black series of India ink INK and charcoal CHA. Chance and the requirement for precision (almost endemic) participate in the process (in the didactic sense) and decline (in the linguistic sense) a resolutely random geometric abstraction. Seriality tests the elasticity of time and space across the board; the series is accomplished by the number (production) and the combination (demonstration): elements of the series INK 1.15, CHA 1.72, INK 4.23, CHA 3.1, INK 8.4 ...

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