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Jessica TAO

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Jessica Tao, born in 1978 in Taiwan, graduated from California State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2001. She has organised exhibitions such as Narrative Poems in 2018 at the 201 Art gallery in Taichung and a year later, in Galerie Pierre in the same town, the exhibition Type‧態.

In her Goldfish baby series, Jessica tries to integrate American culture with her observations of Taiwanese culture, creating a fusion of goldfish and human images, inspired by her pet goldfish. From observing the over-friendly characteristics of the goldfish Jessica began to compare it with the people around her. The Taiwanese culture is a mixture of cultures from all over the world, and the ethnic groups and cultures are constantly interacting with each other resulting in Taiwanese people being highly accepting towards receiving information and different cultures, very similar to the goldfish behaviour. Taiwan is a very young democratic society, so Jessica portrays the goldfish’s characteristics mostly in the image of children, symbolising a young and fragile democracy.

Jessica has also just started creating a series of works with rabbits. On the surface, it has the meaning of life and prosperity, but on a deeper level it has a very personal meaning for her.

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