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Kallista IVANOVA

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Kallista became the creator of a new direction in the world of contemporary art, therefore her original technique and style were named ARTKALLISTA.
From the Greek language, the word "Kallista" is translated as - beautiful. Literal translation of the word ARTKALLISTA - means BEAUTIFUL ART.
ARTKALLISTA Style - decorative paintings made, using numerous decorative materials and pastes; the works have a textured surface, volumetric details, where gold and metallic shades prevail, as well as pure color; the works of art themselves are filled with intriguing authorial meaning and philosophy. This is the author's jewelry art work,
each picture has its own story, its own mood, its own philosophy.

Kallista is a member of the International Eurasian Art Union, she is a participant in numerous exhibition projects in countries such as France, Russia, Italy, Israel, Holland, United Arab Emirates, Slovenia, India, Egypt, Serbia, Greece, Monaco, etc.

In 2019, Kallista Ivanova was included in the list of "100 Artists of the Future" according to independent curators of contemporary art in England.
In 2021, Kallista Ivanova was included in the list of great women of art, according to the independent Italian art critic and art critic Francesco Chett, and was included in the book GREAT WOMEN OF ART.

In 2019 she published the book "Immortal Art".
In 2020 she published a book of the modern surrealist project "SHE".
ARTKALLISTA Style is a modern philosophy of beauty and luxury.

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