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Shikata moved to Berlin because Wolfgang Tillmans is her favorite photographer. This is her sixth year in Berlin.
Shikata’s work focuses on the nature of lakes in Berlin and the Baltic Sea. This is as she is inspired by the musicians and dancers whom she meets in the city.The artist has held various exhibitions not only in Berlin but also in Paris, Amsterdam and Tokyo etc. Since December 2018, Shikata became a director and curator of the gallery "THE ART OF SEPTEMBER" in Amsterdam.

Kakejiku & Photography

Her method of working is a totally novel way of expression by putting photography and Kakejiku (Japanese style scroll) together.
Kakejiku is a long vertical hanging scroll with a painting or calligraphy on it. Shikata believes that the harmony of the photo, its mounting, and the place where it is hung can bring out the charm of the photograph. Kakejiku is usually displayed on the wall of Tokonoma (alcove) in a traditional Japanese room.
The photographer wanted to push the boundary of Kakejiku to a new field where it can create a new meaning collaborating with a Kakejiku artist. This was a joyful experience and her experimental journey will continue.

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