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Kazutomo SUZUKI

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“Natural Selection” and “Uta kata (means “bubbles floating on water” in classical Japanese, like
“fleeting” or “frail” in English.)”, are my core concepts. Every “destruction” happens for a reason and the same is true of every “creation”, and once it happens, this “great flow” transcends our human-oriented thoughts immediately. This is “Natural Selection”. A thing that exists here as usual will disappear in the very next moment like “a bubble”. This is “Uta kata”. My execution is an attempt to depict the transience and to capture the breathtaking beauty of that moment in ever-shifting conditions. My execution is an ironic act against activities that go against (or, making not a harmony but a conflict against) natural selection and their emotions lying in those activities. My execution is an attempt that focuses on this moment rather than regressive Primitivism and utopian ideas. I grasp this two concepts asking a question that if every “destruction” and “pain” (like “hurt who you love”, “do damage to nature”, “die of covid-19”, “assume others have the virus” and etc...) happens for the reason and nothing is meaningless in the end, what we can do is not to adore the past and not to worry about the future. We are living in a world ever shifts and nobody can stand at the rudder. That’s why I execute my works thinking of “natural selection” and “Uta kata” and giving hope.

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