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Kenji Kawakami was born in Anan City in 1984, in Tokushima Prefecture. He graduated from the Kyoto University of the arts in 2009.

Kenji creates his artworks on an iPad focusing on the genre of portraiture. The original artworks are digital, then printed on canvas and displayed in exhibitions as copies. His wish is to leave a work that makes us feel warmth, and that sails between reality and imagination.

His artwork called Hope and Despair is inspired by Frankl’s night and fog. Kenji drew a person trying to find hope even in an inescapable destiny. In this piece, he wanted to make the viewer imagine life and death by resting the concept of time on the screen.

His other artwork, called Solo exhibition, is the way for him to portray an artist holding a solo exhibition. This impression aims at opening the door and entering an artist’s mind. In this exhibition, parents and children are all joined to create a new community, watching the works of the artist character of the painting.

His wish is for the work to deliver a sense of warmth, allowing the viewer to experience/sail between reality and imagination.

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