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Kim is a French Canadian contemporary impressionist who moved from New York City to South Florida in 2018. She has always been a Monet and Van Gogh lover for sheir bold colors, light, and brushstroke techniques. Her work is mainly inspired by nature's beauty. Surrounded by lakes and minutes away from the Everglades and the Ocean, living in Florida brings her an infinite source of inspiration.

My paintings are all about making your soul feel at peace. My work is a contemporary abstract way of approaching an impressionistic vision. I paint a dreamy version of what I have in front of me. I love using powerful brushstrokes combined with vibrant colors as well as a calming and soft color palette. When a viewer is standing in front of one of my paintings, I really want them to observe & feel every single brushstroke mainly from an up-close perspective. The closer you get, the more you are able to understand my universe.

The pattern of heart_50 x 50.jpg
Loved by you_80 x 80.jpg
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