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Self-taught, abstract painter, I did not train in art. I have long admired the works of other artists with happiness, but the desire to paint, to create came to me and never left me. However, with a lot of stubbornness and curiosity, I set out on the adventure. I define myself as a painter
abstract self-taught guided by his desires, his favorites, his instinct without taboos or complexes. This lack of training was beneficial to me, because it left me free to try all the techniques and styles, pure abstract, stylized figurative. I am guided by color, the driving force behind my work and by the shapes that allow me to just as many possible assemblies.

Color is writing, it "is". This is the very essence of my creativity, my imagination, my art. I like to work on a subject, and decline it as I please. The trees, the women, the gardens, the feelings. So many new worlds where I can give free rein to my imagination. In my series of trees and stars, I draw my inspiration from my fascination with the Tree, a majestic element, essential to our lives and our civilizations. I paint them from different approaches with each time the idea of ​​transmitting emotions, my feelings without necessarily portraying reality, just to share an imprint, an experience, a story. After having long experimented with various media and techniques, I blossomed with the use of acrylic for its immediacy and bright colors and oil for its transparency and intensity.

The pattern of heart_50 x 50.jpg
Loved by you_80 x 80.jpg
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