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Ko Kwon was born in 1990, now he li- ves on the island of Jeju located in the south of the korean peninsula. The is- land is very attractive for her beauty, which gave her three nominations at the UNESCO for the wealth of the lands- capes and her ecosystem.

“Even in the small villages, seasons come and go silently leaving their marks. Inside these figures the harmony of small creatures living together next to individuals and the vitality of nature that embraces them. All coexist fully and beautifully with their own values and meanings.”

Nature which is very abundant and also diversified, mixing seas and mountains, appears at the heart of the artist’s work. Jeju is also the place where shamanism has a strong presence, so much that they predict what a year will hold just by reading the sky the first day after the lunar calendar New Year. This mysticism also appears in the artist’s art pieces, es- pecially in the ones where she finds her inspiration in old mural paintings that come from the northern tombs.

As a child could be, her expression style is free and independent from any form or composition that is already fixed. He takes most of his inspiration in the envi- ronment around him, in his region.

For him, all living creatures and beings in our universe are marvels that hold the testimony of life evolution. He im- plements this idea in his paintings, idea that each entity in the universe has its own beauty and its own value in the world as it is.

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