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My early design career creations utilized high tech materials and were exhibited in the Science Museum in London, the Science Gallery in Dublin. Trained in academic painting, I moved to UK to study Performance Design at St. Martins College, University of the Arts London. As a multi-award-winning designer with works ranging from art to theatre and high fashion, with features in Vogue, cover of Elle and other fashion
industry’s leading publications. Hailed as a “Best New Talent” by The Wall Street Journal I am now focusing on creating fine art.

Studying performance design and working in theatre in the early stage of my career has had a profound impact on the way I convey ideas and express artistic value in my practice. Although I was trained in Academic drawing and painting, I was always drawn to contemporary forms of expression and the sculptural dimensionality of art. Through my art I seek visually striking, dramatic shapes, rich textures and materials associated with stagecraft. My goal is to make art that is arresting and has strong, dazzling presence. I like to experiment with visual imbalances, contrasts and full array of materials ranging from metal, plastic, resin, paint, powder, found objects, fabrics, glitter as well as natural materials like crushed rocks, crushed leaves and flowers. Thematically my practice revolves around the concept of time and nature: altered or artificial nature, modification of environments, acceleration of growth and changing ecosystems. My work investigates the juxtaposition of times and contexts, exploring how time is irrelevant in some situations, how various time frames coexist in our mind.

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