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Kumiko is an artist based in Tokyo. She has finished Musashino Art University, Department of Visual Communication Design. Engaged to graphic design for more than 20 years after finishing the university. Then she became interesed in the material of alcohol ink and started creating abstract art works with mixed media.

A canvas is like space!
Living is the act of expression. Expression will turn into a power to live.
I lost my young son who was the love of my life from illness. I was in despair not
knowing whether I was dead or alive for close to 10 years. It felt as if I was in a bottom of a swamp. I wondered, “Why am I still alive?” But finally, I found an answer that question. “There are things I want to express. That’s why I am alive.”
This was January of 2018. The start of my days of abstract painting.
To me painting is a joy. Appreciating and enjoying my 5 senses to the fullest and concentrating on my own intuition. When I am painting an expressing everything onto a canvas, it brings me back to my childhood days when I was satisfying my curiosity limitlessly with freedom, and I start feeling life springing up from the bottom of my stomach. A genuinely pure fundament of happiness itself.
I paint the transcription of my feelings of freedom without any obsession onto the canvas. Because I went through a time of despair, I can now believe that people live to enjoy happiness. And expression is a power of living.
I want to paint. I want to paint something that would ignite people’s imagination and hopefully the world in a flat canvas they see can turn into a world as spacious as space.
I would like to paint the light of primordial life that lives inside the various beautiful things I find. And with the art that I create with 100% happiness, it would be fun if that happiness spreads across those who see it.

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