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Lee. K

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Lee K is a South Korean painter that draws the portrait of celebrities such as Billie Eilish and Jimin, a member of the BTS music group. The artist reappropriates the face of his models that are mostly well known to the public.

Lee K brings life to his compositions thanks to a succession of lines and curves that draw the lines of the face. The frenetic gestures, both fast and precise, recall the procedure of engraving. The nuances of grey also associated with touches of colour, bring to light the emotions of the face. In a few strokes of pencil or brush, a portrait realistic and powerful comes to the surface.

In his delicate play of composition, Lee K creates an exchange with the spectator whose look is invited to follow the way to the model’s eyes. The artist focuses on this specific communication element.

“I don’t want to answer personal questions. It is one of the reasons why I never draw my models’ mouths.”

The mouth is the only human body part that communicates through speech, and that can express feelings in different ways. Language is an essential element of communication but it can create misunderstandings due to the complex diversity of interpretations of the beings. This incomprehension created by the language is the reason why the artist chooses another way of communication through the look.

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