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Lia Kimura – a Japan-born Polish painter. Kimura’s work is mostly connected with her place of birth, search for identity and intensive feelings: the experience of death, alienation, and hope. Her paintings represent both the traditional form of expression and the experimental approach, in which the figurative body together with the abstract matter became the key themes of creative considerations. The artist currently lives and works in Warsaw, wherein 2016 she started her career as a professional artist. Her paintings belong to private collections and appear regularly at the auctions in Polish auction houses.

I am a very sensitive and attentive observer of everyday reality. I transfer my observations into the canvas and treat each of them as a thread of stories about a man, extreme feelings and passing away. I paint complicated emotions, everyday worries, internal fears, and hidden desires. I care about showing the ephemeral moments in life in a non-literal way. I do not present real people or situations. I am constantly looking for an intermediate state between figurative art and abstraction. I experiment with color and texture as well as images of mysterious figures. As a reflective person with melancholic nature, I often reflect on philosophical issues such as the nature of man and the world and the basis of one’s existence. I do not treat art only as a learned profession. I try to create new realities in every free time, in the quiet studio, cut off from the world.

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