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Makoto Tatsuta was born and lives in Osaka. She graduated from Osaka University of Arts, and then she started working as a writer. Thereafter, she mainly participates in exhibitions in her home country.

In Japan it’s said that people’s hearts are feelings, but when you get tired, you may not be able to feel
anything. However the artist thinks that there is something beautiful in such a state. In her eyes, the most beautiful thing is the sky, especially when the clouds are freely floating. She sees a poetic meaning in this, stating that “there is no meaning, no specific way the clouds have to follow, they are free.”

The artist wants us to wonder if beauty was only created for humans and what the role of beauty is. She thinks that it may be a blessing from God. In her art she aims at making something beautiful, not in a meaningful way but more in a more violent and fundamental way. This is the reason why the artist chose to use simple line overlaps and colors.

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