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Born in 1986 in Kobe, Japan.
She has been fond of painting since she was a child and was spending her time drawing manga and animation.
In 2009, she graduated from Kyoto University of the Arts, Faculty of Arts, Department of Information Design, Advanced Art Course.
After graduating, she holds solo and group exhibitions in various parts of Japan such as Tokyo, Osaka and Kobe.
From 2012, she works with children and draws pictures and arranges them into picture books in support of the reconstruction from the Great Tohoku Earthquake.

I am a healing artist. As a healer, I create by multiplying art and healing. I meditate and draw
with a consciousness that is connected to nature such as flowers are connected to the universe. I use the motifs of goddesses, angels, fairies, pegasus, flowers, animals, etc. to create the image of "a world that shines beautifully with love and light."
The colors are gradation to express the enveloping light. I use colored pencils, watercolors, ink,
acrylic, etc. to draw vigorously as I feel. And I pray that this earth will be filled with love and

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