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Through matter and colours, with an Impasto technique, Marc Gönz plays with the density of the painting. The artist produces his own pigments and oil paints. The volume of the brushstrokes created, on numerous occasions, three-dimensional pieces and textural relief work.

He tries by any means to make his brushstrokes vibrant and vigorous but also grotesque and primary. With his brushstrokes of pictorial mass that he overlays on top of one another, he allows himself to be engrossed by an intuitive and unreasoned sense of play. The painter’s purpose is to get closer to the more spiritual and deep part of the unconscious. He wants to reach the essence of the latter.

Midway between figuration and abstraction, Marc Gönz paints faces, beings that which seem to emerge from his innermost. Nature plays an important role for him. In a society where digitalisation takes a more significant place, Gönz’s work is, therefore, an opportunity to reconnect with our ancestral nature.

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