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After working as a copywriter, CM planner, and creative director for domestic and foreign advertising agencies, Mari decided to work as a freelance creative director. She has won many domestic and international advertising awards.
And she has serialized in VOGUE.

Currently, she is also active as a painter.She is a contract artist of Chelsea in NYC.And she has held exhibitions in London, Italy, Germany, Taiwan, and Cannes as well as New York, so she is active all over the world.

Pictures drawn by Mari Nishimura are often described as "powerful." She doesn’t just draw a basic rough sketch, but instead, using her hands and fingers, she is inspired to paint it in layers. Having been very fond of dragons since childhood, she has enjoyed painting them. She says, “The dragons I know are gentle, precious, and beautiful. I would like to paint dragons never seen before in the world.” Beneath the happiness over flowing in life,underlies suffering, sadness, and sorrow...She desires to depict all profound emotions in her paintings. Because her pictures represent such human emotions, those who see her work are moved to tears, and praise them for the outbursts of the soul. Mari Nishimura’s works, incorporating Japanese style elements as well as contemporary aspects, reach out to the whole world along with her “dragons."

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